Web Design Mistakes which Can Ruin Your SEO Efforts

5 Jun, 2018 By dev_man

Users or search engine – which one do you focus on when designing your website? This is a conflict which designers face frequently. At the initial stage this does not seem like an essential issue. However, eventually the designers need to make a choice between the search engine and the eye catching designs.

So, what are the web designs mistakes which you need to be aware of? The simple concept is to design a website which people like to look at. However, a beautifully designed website is not everything. You need to focus on other things as well.

Splash Design

A splash page looks great and people like these types of designs as well. However, such a page might create distance between search engine and the websites. Usually, search engine fails to identify the content of flash page. This is because, the contents are usually non textual.

If the search engine finds that your landing page does not have textual contents, indexing will be a problem. This is why, splash pages should be excluded from the design part. However, if you really want to include the splash pages, make sure to add some text based contents so that search engine can index your website.

Flash Website

Well, flash website is great to look at. But, search engine does not index flash properly. If you are using flash, you need to avoid the main pages, like home page or the landing page.

Images as Forms of Navigation

Text-over images are the effective elements which you can use for your website. However, sometimes the designers use images as form of navigation. This causes problem for the search engine. There are websites which use images in the headers and footers. This is not a effective SEO practice either.

Pop Up

Well, there is nothing more annoying than a pop up window popping up at the time of reading a piece of content. Readers frown upon pop-up’s. This is why – you need to use pop up carefully. Make sure to use the pop up windows to open when the readers decide to exit the page.

Lastly, there are other web design mistakes which people make. However, the above mentioned points are the most common mistakes which designers make and ruin the SEO process eventually.


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