Web Designing

We design website to inspire. Our objective is to entice people with our creative ideas and artistic skills. It is the design of a website which draws people in and evokes the desire for deeper exploration. Our objective is to design websites that reduce bounce rate and encourage engagement.

Web Development

We focus on developing responsive websites that can be accessed from any device. In this mobile first era, you must pay attention to the loading time of the website and make sure that Google gets to index your website. It takes skill to develop such websites. Our team of experts builds websites that are SEO friendly and easy to navigate.

Ecommerce Website

This is one of our fortes. We are focused on building professional e-commerce websites. However, this is not all. We offer effective shopping cart solutions as well. If you are looking for e-commerce end to end strategy, we have the team to assist you in this task.

Mobile Application

We help people embrace the digital world. Mobile applications are everywhere. These tools are changing the concept of life. The apps are also transforming the way businesses are done these days. We have a team of skilled app developers who delivers high quality app using customer focused approach.

Digital Marketing

We understand your need to expand your brand value. This is why – we have created a large team of skilled digital marketing experts. They know how to express you vision to engage people. They also know how to influence people to make purchasing decision. This is a competitive market which is growing more competitive with time. If you are not in the race, you will lose out valuable customers.



While optimizing a website, we pay attention to multiple aspects like keyword generation, link building and social networking. We work continuously to increase the site visibility and brand expansion. If you are not there on the first page of Google, you are going to lose out a lot of business.

Social Media Marketing

Be it B2B or B2C business, you need to have in-depth understanding of your target customers. Without this understanding you will not be able to create the right social media campaign. Therefore, our task begins from the first stage. We begin with the process of understanding your target customers. Once the customer persona is created, we proceed to create the social media campaign for brand expansion.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective tool which you can use for engagement. However, to engage your customers you need to the email marketing campaign. To remarket your product or to get your existing customers back to your website, you need to create the right email marketing strategy. We offer email marketing service to help our clients get increased number of conversion.

Content Marketing

Content is still the king. There is no doubt about this. If your content is not engaging your brand will get affected immensely. We have skilled content writers attached with us. They are all industry specialists with the know-how of the readers’ psychology. They know how to connect to the readers and drive the scale of conversion high. We create content marketing campaigns for companies of various scale and industries. Our campaigns are focused and reader centric. That is why we generate leads through engagement.

ERP Software

Even if you have the best accounting team working for your organization, you will still have the need for a digital tool to organize their works. Keeping our customers’ need in mind, we only use latest technology to create the ERP software. The software we develop can help you grow your business.

Future Research Program

Right at the moment, team Purple Rayz is focused on researching on different projects including Augment Reality, Artificial Intelligence and iOT.

Open Source Services

WordPress Development – We have a team of efficient of WordPress developers. More than 23% modern websites are WordPress websites. This is because WordPress websites are easy to optimize and customize. Our team creates functional and eye catching websites. From spam protection to multitasking we take care of everything when it comes to WordPress development.

PHP Development – On the contrary to common belief PHP development is more than technical. When we deal with PHP development, we pay attention to both creativity and the functionality. This is why – our PHP development service is much appreciated by our clients.

Magento Development – We have a team of experts who can develop complex magento website. Our team has the ability to keep up with the transformation of the website development process. They use the latest technology to create websites that are both user friendly and easy to optimize.

Drupal Development – We have experts who can build complex drupal platforms. Our team follows flexible and agile development method. Our service is both efficient and cost effective.

HTML, JavaScript and Jquery – Our team has expertise in offering HTML, JavaScript and