Digital Marketing – Why Does it Fail

5 Jun, 2018 By dev_man

Digital marketing has transformed a lot since the day of its inception. A lot has changed. Things that worked earlier, does not work anymore. Things that people did not pay any attention to, are being considered important.

The fact is – success in digital marketing requires commitment. It also requires skill. However, there are times when even commitment and skill fail to yield positive result.

Why this happens? What makes an effective digital marketing strategy fail? If you sit and have a discussion with a digital marketing pro, you will get to know that even the most skillful created digital marketing strategy fails because of few mistakes.

In this post – we are going to discuss the aspects which lead to failure when it comes to digital marketing strategy.

No Strategy

Yes, you are going to frown at this one. Of course, you have a solid digital marketing strategy. We are sure you do. However, sadly, more than often people end up with creating a series of technique which they want to use rather than creating a strategy. So, focus on creating a strategy for your digital marketing campaign.

A strategy is more than a plan. It is a blueprint or a roadmap which leads to the business objective. Therefore, first decide what you want to accomplish through the digital marketing campaign and then create the digital marketing strategy.

Lack of Flexibility

This is another mistake which the marketers pin point. Once a social media marketing strategy for conversion is created, people usually stick it. They don’t try to update or change the strategy. In case, the strategy succeeds in getting conversion, the matter gets even more complicated. People stick to success formula.

This approach leads to failure. You must have the willingness to be flexible with the strategy.  In case, something is not working, you must update the plan and go ahead with something else. Success lies in the willingness to experiment. Therefore, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Not Paying Attention to Customers

Targeted customers need to be identified. However, this aspect gets overlooked most of the times. The digital marketing experts claim that if you can create a detailed persona of your targeted customers, you will be able to create your marketing strategy easily. Therefore, the task of creating social media strategy should begin from targeted customer identification.

Ignoring SEO

Digital marketing and SEO must go hand in hand. This is because without a solid SEO strategy, digital marketing is going to fail. Therefore, banish the myth that SEO is dead and focus on creating an effective SEO strategy for higher ranking if you really want to your digital marketing strategy to yield result.

Trying Everything

This is another mistake. You need to understand that trying everything at the same time will not work. You must have a step by step strategy planned if you want success. First opt for higher reach, then engagement and then conversion. If you target all three of them together, you will expose yourself to failure.

Lastly, not paying attention to the mobile users is another mistake which costs marketers dearly. Try to have a separate strategy for mobile users as well.


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